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(ISBN 9780900664038  cloth £10.00  US$19.95)    click here for text of Mystical Theology, text of Celestial Hierarchies

THE DIVINE NAMES by Dionysius the Areopagite - The writings of this master mind early became the form and type of mystical religion within the Church 
(ISBN 9780900664021  cloth £10.00  US$19.95)

A SYNTHESIS OF THE TEACHINGS OF ST PAUL - This work shows the mystical affinity between the Christian and Platonic systems.  
(ISBN 9780900664144  paper £3.00  US$5.95)         
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CENTURIES OF MEDITATIONS - Thomas Traherne, reprinted from the 1908 Dobell edition, with new 31-page introduction.
(ISBN 9780900664199 cloth £15  US$29.95)


THE DIVINE PYMANDER OF HERMES TRISMEGISTUS - Ancient Egypt was the cradle of human wisdom and Hermes Trismegistus was one of the first teachers of mankind. In this volume the basic ideas which underlie all knowledge of reality are set forth with their inter-relationships. This Hermetic Wisdom unfolds the most profound mysteries in philosophic terms.
(ISBN 9780900664045  cloth  £12.00  US$
23.95)   click here for extracts


THE CHALDEAN ORACLES - A collection of the known fragments, translated with commentary, and presented as a Cosmological system.
(ISBN 9780900664175  cloth  £10.00  US$19.95)

THE GOLDEN VERSES OF THE PYTHAGOREANS - Long recognised as enshrining the essential spirit of the system of Pythagoras as the "trainer of souls".  This is a beautiful translation with commentary, which emphasises the practical utility of the precepts.
(ISBN 9780900664113  cloth  £8.00  US$15.95)

THE HUMAN SOUL IN THE MYTHS OF PLATO - A valuable work which collects into one book many of the truths which Plato revealed mystically in his dialogues concerning the soul: its nature, its journey into the realms of generation, its estate after the death of the body, and its final conquest and restoration to its true home.
(ISBN 9780900664083  cloth  £10.00  US$19.95)   click here for extract

TWO DIALOGUES OF PLATO: THE FIRST ALCIBIADES AND THE MENO - These two dialogues form the basis for the study of Ideal Philosophy. The Alcibiades investigates the real nature of man, the knowledge of which is essential for the accomplishment of his true purpose; the Meno demonstrates the immortality of the soul and the reality of 'Innate Ideas' 
(ISBN 9780900664137  cloth  £10.00  US$19.95) 

SACRED MYTHOI OF DEMIGODS AND HEROES - a valuable and powerful interpretation of the myths of Prometheus, Perseus and The Labours of Hercules, giving for each a key to their meaning and exegesis.     click here for extract
(ISBN 9780900664182  paper £5.00  US$9.95)


A SYNTHESIS OF THE BHAGAVAD GITA - One of the most precious scriptures of the world. Passages are grouped under the Margas or Paths to assist study.
(ISBN 9780900664120  cloth £10.00 US$19.95)          


PLOTINUS & THE PATH TO LIBERATION - The One, the Universe and the Soul in the philosophy of Plotinus - (includes 'On the Beautiful' and 'On Intelligible Beauty', the latter trans. by Thomas Taylor)
(ISBN 9780900664205 cloth £15  US$29.95)

MEDICINA MENTIS by Thomas Taylor - A specimen of Theological Arithmetic, representing in symbols and numbers the procession of things from The One. Includes a short biography, bibliography, and four hymns by Thomas Taylor. 
(ISBN 9780900664168  paper £4.00  US$7.95)


THE SIMPLE WAY OF LAO TSZE  - This excellent translation of the Tao Teh King preserves the beauty and spirit of the original.  This ancient teaching is ever new. 
(ISBN 9780900664076 cloth £10.00  US$19.95)          click here for extract    

THE CLASSIC OF PURITY - Chinese treatise on the Way of Attainment by purifying the mind and stilling desires. 
(ISBN 9780900664014  paper £2.00  US$3.95)     click here for extract

THE HISTORY OF GREAT LIGHT - Taoist classic by Hui-Nan-Tsze. 
(ISBN 9780900664052 paper £3.50  US$6.95)     click here for extract

YIN FU KING - Early Taoist classic attributed to Huang-Tsze, the Yellow Emperor. 
(ISBN 9780900664151  paper £3.50  US$6.95)    click here for extract


THE AWAKENING OF FAITH IN THE MAHAYANA - Asvaghosha. This is one of the most profound works of the Mahayana School.  
(ISBN 9780900664007  cloth £10.00  US$19.95)


IDEAL PHILOSOPHY - An original production which sets out the profound truths underlying Philosophy, Mysticism and Religion.
(ISBN 9780900664069  cloth £3.00  US$5.95)


a unique production, and a daily reminder of the Great Ones who have perpetuated the Universal Wisdom.   
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