But they who, because judgement is not presently executed upon the ungodly, blame the management of things as faulty, and Providence as defective, are like such spectators of a dramatic poem, as when wicked and injurious persons are brought upon the stage, for a while swaggering and triumphing; impatiently cry out against the dramatist, and presently condemn the plot: whereas if they would expect the winding up of things, and still till the last close, they should then see them come off with shame and sufficient punishment.  The evolution of the world, as Plotinus calls it, is… a truer poem, and we men histrionical actors upon the stage, who notwithstanding insert something of our own into the poem too; but God Almighty is that Skilful Dramatist, who always connecteth that of ours which went before, with that of His which follows after, into good coherent sense; and will at last make it appear, that a thread of exact justice did run through it all, and that rewards and punishments are measured out in geometrical proportion.  - Ralph Cudworth.


O God, in every temple I see people that seek Thee, and in every language spoken people praise Thee.
Each religion teaches that Thou art One without equal.
If it be a mosque, people utter the holy prayer;
If it be a Christian church, people ring the bells for love to Thee.
Sometimes I frequent the Christian cloister, and sometimes the mosque.
But it is Thou Whom I seek from temple to temple.
Thine elect are above heresy and orthodoxy.
                         - Akbar


Venerate God in love and in respect.  Then He will answer thee in thy inward spiritual practice.  Be gentle and humble of heart; then the Spirit of God rests in thy soul.  Be friendly, zealous, and kind to everyone who needs thee.  Be sober in food and drink and in everything thou needest; then thou wilt live without sorrow or anxiety for thyself.  Watch thyself and all thy weaknesses, judge thyself inwardly and outwardly in the sight of Truth which is God, but judge no one else who has not been recommended to thee; then thou wilt live without thorns, wrath and vengeance in thy heart and find peace in thyself and grace in God.   - Ruysbroeck


Always remember that thou art a man; that human nature is frail, and that thou mayest easily fall - and thou shalt never fall.  But if, happening to forget what thou art, thou chancest to fall, be not discouraged: remember that thou mayest rise again; that it is in thy power to break the bonds which link thee to thine offence, and to subdue the obstacles which hinder thee from walking in the paths of virtue.  - Confucius