Perpetual Festival Calendar


"The Gods lead and perfect all things in a silent path by Their very Being 
and fill them with Good." - Proclus


1. Aphrodite (G), Venus (R), Goddess of Beauty and Harmony

    Sanctus Uriel, Archangel

    Floyer Sydenham, English Platonist, 1710-1/4/1787

3. Crucifixion of Jesus Christ (suggested date of commemoration)

4. Isidore of Seville, Doctor of the Church, c.560-4/4/636 AD

5. Avalokitesvara, Bodhisattva of Compassion; Kuan-yin (China), Kannon (Japan),
    All-compassionate Mother Goddess

6. Asoka, Buddhist emperor, 3rd cent. BC

7. Samantabhadra, Bodhisattva, protector of all who teach Dharma

9. Lorenzo de' Medici, ‘The Magnificent’, Florentine Neoplatonist, 1/1/1449-9/4/1492

    William Law, English mystic, 1686-9/4/1761

12. Nathanael Culverwel, Cambridge Platonist, d.1651?

15.  Abu Nasr Al-Farabi, Arabian philosopher-mystic, c.870-950 AD  (Calendar Note)

16. Patañjali, reputed author of the Yoga Sutra, 2nd-3rd cent. AD

    Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Hindu philosopher and statesman, 5/9/1888-16/4/1975

17. Proclus, Platonic successor, 410 or 412-485 AD

18. Brom-ston or Dromdon, Tibetan Buddhist, disciple of Atisa, 1008-1064

19. Cerialia, Roman Festival of Ceres, Goddess of Fertility

    Chuang Tzu, Taoist philosopher and mystic, 3rd and 4th cent. BC

20. Sun enters Taurus   (Corresponding Labour of Hercules)

21. Legendary date of the Foundation of the City of Rome, 753 BC

    Anselm of Canterbury, theologian and philosopher, 1033?-21/4/1109

22. Sankaracarya, Vedantist philosopher and religious leader, 788?-820?AD

    Kukai, known posthumously as Kobo Daishi, founder of the Shingon School 
    of Buddhism in Japan, 27/7/774-22/4/835 AD

23. George, Patron Saint of England

    William Shakespeare, 22 or 23/4/1564-23/4/1616

    Chu Hsi, Chinese philosopher, 18/10/1130-23/4/1200

24. Buddhaghosha, ‘Voice of Buddha’, b.4th cent. AD

25. Mark, apostle, d.c.74 AD

26. Hierocles of Alexandria, Neoplatonist, d.431 or 432 AD

27. Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Transcendentalist, 25/5/1803-27/4/1882

28. Abu Bakr ibn Tufayl (Abubacer), Muslim philosopher and physician, d.1185

29. Catherine of Siena, Italian mystic, 1347?-29/4/1380

30. Departed Kindred

    Concordia, Salus et Pax, (R) Concord, Health and Peace


"Every being entering into the ineffable sanctuary of its own nature finds there
 a symbol of the Father of all." - Proclus


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