Perpetual Festival Calendar



"I am Protector, I am Life-giver and Nourisher, I am Knower. I am of the Name of AHURA-Bestower of Life, and I am of the Name of MAZDA-Most Wise." 
                                                                                                            - Zoroaster


1. Demeter (G), Ceres (R), Goddess of Fertility

    Lammas Day (Loaf Mass, celebrated using consecrated bread made from the first-ripe corn)

    Lugnasad, Feast of Lugh, Celtic Autumn Festival

    Cosimo di' Medici the Elder, Florentine Neoplatonist, 27/9/1389-1/8/1464

    Lorenzo Valla, humanist, philosopher and literary critic, 1407-1/8/1457

2. The World Teachers

3. Kaniska, Buddhist king, ruled c.78-102 AD

5. Nanak, founder of the Sikh religion, 1469-1539

6. Transfiguration of Christ on the Mount

7. John Smith, Cambridge Platonist, 1618-7/8/1652

8. Archimedes, mathematician and Platonist, c.287-212? BC

    Dominic, founder of the Dominican Order, c.1172-6/8/1221

9. All the Venerable Ones

10. Yashodhâra, wife of Buddha, Buddhist nun, 6th cent. BC

11. Ossian, legendary bard

12. Manu, Indian lawgiver   (Calendar Note)

13. John Berchmans, 13/3/1599-13/8/1621

15. Mary, Mother of Jesus, Feast of the Assumption

      Ramakrishna, Hindu saint, 18/2/1836-15/8/1886

17. Amenardus, Egyptian Queen

18. Olympiodorus, Neoplatonist, 6th cent. AD

20. Bernard of Clairvaux, mystic, ‘The Mellifluous Doctor’ 1090-20/8/1153

      William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, 10/4/1829-20/8/1912

21. The Tirthankaras, ‘Ford-makers’, Jain saints and sages

22. Aedesia, Neoplatonist philosopher, 5th cent. AD

23. Nemesis, Greek Goddess of Fate

      Sun enters Virgo  (Corresponding Labour of Hercules)

      Krishna-Ashtami, commemorating the birth of Sri Krishna

24. Osiris (E), Divine Immanence

25. Isis (E), Divine Life, the Great Mother

      Hemon de la Fosse of Abbeville, martyr of the Ancient Wisdom, d.1503

26. Horus (E), Divine Light

      Egyptian New Year's Day

27. Iamblichus, Neoplatonist, c.245-c.325 AD

      Ab Ithel (John Williams), bardic writer, 1811-27/8/1862

28. Augustine of Hippo, Doctor of the Church, 13/11/354-28/8/430 AD

29. Beheading of John the Baptist

30. Charesteria (G), Thanksgiving

31. John Bunyan, author of 'The Pilgrim's Progress', 11/1628-31/8/1688


"Go on…men and women, go on; persevere unto the end. Praise the Lord more sweetly Whom ye honour more richly, hope more happily in Him Whom ye serve more instantly, love more ardently Him Whom ye please more attentively."
                                                                                                     - St Augustine

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