Perpetual Festival Calendar

There are various kinds of calendars: natural, civil, scientific and philosophical. The most important calendars, however, are those connected with manís religious and mystical life and activities - worship, veneration, meditation, contemplation, and the performance of other duties - all of which are means by which he enters into a realization of his own spiritual and essential nature, and becomes united to the ideal and Divine.

Since the Divine is the Source and ultimate Goal of all things, all aspects of human and natural life are seen in their real and highest significance only when considered in their relationship with Him. Through Divine Providence flows eternally the plenitude of all-sufficing good, in the reception of which everything is endowed with its own proper nature, and enabled to fulfil its purpose in the Macrocosmic Order. Moreover, it is by participation in the Divine that man attains to integral perfection; that he experiences his highest bliss, and receives illumination and strength whereby to employ all his faculties and powers in the most useful and beneficial service. Therefore worship of the Divine is both the primal duty of man and the chief means for the attainment of his greatest blessedness.

Since the most enlightened and holy ones of all times and races have, in the measure of their greatness, achieved perfective union, and since mankind owes to them the teachings concerning Divine Wisdom, it is a fitting and joyous privilege to venerate them with gratitude and to celebrate at the appropriate times the great events in their lives.

Although these great ones may not now live in this mundane world, it is reasonable to believe that their immortal souls are still engaged in the exalted work of humanityís upliftment. They are all in some degree lovers, teachers and saviours of mankind, and the work which they performed, the truths which they taught, and the devotional, intellectual and ordinative disciplines which they instituted represent the basic tradition of the whole human race, without which man would be in the dark ages.

One of the greatest benefits conferred by them upon humanity is the luminous examples of their lives, which reveal the ideals towards the realization of which all fruitful activities must contribute. In the contemplation of these exemplary lives all may receive inspiration to follow in their footsteps.

The Festival Calendar provides a means whereby, through its regular and intelligent use, the consciousness may be continually linked with the noblest of mankind and their exalted activities. Throughout the year note after note will be struck in harmonious communion with the heroic saints and sages, who exemplify that ideal which every soul is called to attain.


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