Perpetual Festival Calendar


"By Me the whole universe is spread abroad; by ME the Unmanifest! In ME are all existences contained; not I in them.  (Bhagavad Gita)


 1. The Lesser Eleusinian Mysteries, first day

    Imbolc or Oímelc, Celtic Spring Festival

    Brighde, Celtic Goddess of the poetic arts, crafts and prophecy

    Brigid, Irish Patroness Saint, d.c.525/528 AD

    John Fransham of Norwich, Platonist, 1730-1/2/1810

2. The Lesser Eleusinian Mysteries, second day

    Candlemas, the entrance of Christ, the True Light, into the Temple

    Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, composer of sacred music, c.1525-2/2/1594

    John Norris, Cambridge Platonist, 2/1/1657-2/2/1712

3. The Lesser Eleusinian Mysteries, third day

4. Aeschylus, mystical poet, c.525-456 BC

5. Linus, master of Orpheus

6. Francesco Patrizi, Christian Platonist, 25/4/1529-6/2/1597

7. Hesiod, Orphic theogonist, c.700 BC

    Aedesius, Neoplatonist, pupil of Iamblichus, d.c.355 AD

9. Philo Judaeus, philosopher, c.20 BC-c.50 AD

10. Huang Ti, the Yellow Emperor, 2698-2598 BC

11. Aglaophamus, Orphist, in the Hermetic Succession, 6th or 7th cent. BC

    Caedmon, Anglo-Saxon saint and poet, d.c.680 AD

12. Artemis (G), Diana (R), the Divine Huntress

13. Parentalia, Roman Festival in memory of the dead (until 21st)

    Gorakhnath, Hindu saint and mystic, c.10th/11th cent. AD

    Richard Wagner, composer, 22/5/1813-13/2/1883

15. Februa, Roman Festival of purification and expiation

    All Departed

    Pluto and Persephone (G), Proserpine (R)

16. Passing of Sri Krishna

    Georg Friedrich Creuzer, German Neoplatonist, 10/3/1771-16/2/1858

17. Giordano Bruno, Italian mystic and martyr, 1548-17/2/1600

18. Kali Yuga (the present age) began, 3102 BC

    Michelangelo Buonarroti, sculptor and painter, 6/3/1475-18/2/1564

    Henry Cornelius Agrippa, Hermetist, 14/9/1486-18/2/1535

19. Damascius, Neoplatonist, successor of Zenodotus, b.458 AD?

20. Syrianus, ‘The Most Acute’, Neoplatonist, teacher of Proclus, 5th cent AD

21. Sun enters Pisces (Corresponding Labour of Hercules)

22. Caristia, Roman Festival for reconciliation of family differences

    Shotoku Taishi, Buddhist prince-regent of Japan, 574-622 AD

23. Atisa, Arhat and Mysteriarch, restored the Mysteries to Tibet, c.982-1054 AD

25. Synesius, Christo-Neoplatonist, pupil of Hypatia, c.370-c.413 AD

26. Amn-Ra (E)

      William Ralph Inge, Dean of St Paul’s, Platonist, 1/6/1860-26/2/1954

27. Mirabai, Indian princess, mystic and poetess, 15th-16th cent. AD?

      Thomas Vaughan, Hermetist, 17/4/1622-27/2/1666

28. Jabir ibn Hayyan (Geber), alchemist, c.721-c.815 AD

31. Departed Ancestors


"Whatsoever thou doest, whatsoever thou eatest, whatsoever thou offerest, whatsoever thou givest, whatsoever thou doest of austerity, do thou as an offering unto ME" - Krishna

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