Perpetual Festival Calendar



"I am the Maker of Hours, the Creator of days. I am the Opener of the yearly Festival…I am Khephera in the darkness, Rā in the midday, and Tum in the evening."   (Legend of Rā and Isis)


 1. New Year’s Day - Janus (R), the Opener of Doors

    Zeus and Hera (G), Jupiter and Juno (R), Creative Spirit in its double aspect

 2. Basil 'the Great' of Caesarea, c.330-c.379 AD

    Gregory of Nazianzus, 'the Theologian', 329/30-389/90 AD

 3. Isaiah, Hebrew prophet, 8th cent. BC

 4. One’s own Country and its Ruler

    Angela di Foligno, Italian mystic, c.1248-1309

 5. Solon, Athenian lawgiver, c.630-c.560 BC  (Calendar Note)

 6. Amitabha-Buddha - the Boundless Light

    Epiphany, or Manifestation of the Christ

 7. Numa Pompilius, second king of Rome, organizer of Religion and founder of the Sisterhood
     of Vestal Virgins, reigned 715-673 BC

 8. The Bodhisattvas and ‘The Nine Lotus Flowers’

 9. Chanting of Dirge over the Slain Osiris by Isis and Nephthys (E)

10. Geraint, ‘The Blue Bard’, c.9th cent. AD

11. Giovanni Battista Scaramelli, Italian mystic, 23/12/1687-11/1/1752

12. Ramanuja, Vaishnava sage and saint, 11th/12th cent. AD

13. The Arch Druids

    Hu or Hesus, successor of Abaris

    George Fox, founder of the Society of Friends (Quakers), 7/1624-13/1/1691

14. Kalidasa, Hindu poet and dramatist, 4th/5th cent. AD

    Makara-Sankrânti, Hindu New Year Festival

    Victor Cousin, French Neoplatonist, 28/11/1792-14/1/1867

15. Fu-hsi, emperor-patriarch of China, 2953-2838 BC

17. Anthony of Egypt, hermit, 251?-356 AD

18. Surya, Hindu God of the Sun

19. Sextus, the Pythagorean

20. Sun enters Aquarius  (Corresponding Labour of Hercules)

    Sebastian, Christian martyr, d.c.288 AD

21. Honen, co-founder of the Buddhist Jodo (Pure Land) School, 1133-1211

23. Berosus, Babylonian priest and historian, fl.c.290 BC

24. Catwg ‘The Wise’, Druid sage, c.497-577 AD

    Francis of Sales, Doctor of the Church, 1567-28/12/1622

25. Conversion of St Paul

    Henry Suso, German mystic, ‘Servant of the Eternal Wisdom’, c.1295-25/1/1366

26. Timothy and Titus, companions of St Paul

28. Zoroaster, Divine Teacher, c.1200 BC?

    Thomas Aquinas, 'the Angelical Doctor', 1225?-7/3/1274

30. Simplicius, Neoplatonist, 6th cent. AD

31. Departed Ancestors


"Let the immortal depth of thy Soul lead thee, and open all thine eyes earnestly to the Above."                                                                            (Chaldean Oracles)

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