Perpetual Festival Calendar


"To some I gently show Myself in signs and figures, while to some I reveal 
mysteries in much light
." - Thomas à Kempis (Imitation of Christ)


3. Zenodotus, Neoplatonist in the Hermetic Succession, c.500 AD

    Thomas, apostle

4. Hippocrates of Cos, master physician, 5th cent. BC

5. Homer, epic poet, 8th cent. BC?

    Apuleius, writer and orator, b.c.125 AD

8. Chih-i, founder of the Buddhist T'ien-t'ai School in China, 538-597 AD

9. Manetho, 'Beloved of Thoth', priest and historian, fl.c.300 BC

10. Hadrian, Roman emperor, 24/1/76-10/7/138 AD

11. Theano, wife of Pythagoras, 6th cent. BC

      Benedict, patriarch of western monasticism and founder of the Benedictine Order, c.480-c.550 AD

12. Jean le Charlier de Gerson, mystic, ‘Doctor Christianissimus’, 1363-1429 (Calendar Note)

13. Amelius Gentilianus, Neoplatonist, 3rd cent. AD

      Bon, Japanese Buddhist Commemoration of the Departed (13th-16th July)

15. Hegira or Hijra, Flight of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina,

      Beginning of the Islamic Era, 622 AD

      Bonaventure, ‘The Seraphic Doctor’, c.1217-1274

16. All Communities

17. Musaeus, Orphist

18. Francesco Petrarch, Italian scholar and poet, 20/7/1304-18/7/1374

19. Kabir, Indian mystical poet, d.1518

20. Elijah, Hebrew prophet, 9th cent. BC

21. Damo, daughter and disciple of Pythagoras

22. Mary Magdalene, follower of Jesus

23. Sun enters Leo  (Corresponding Labour of Hercules)

      Brother Lawrence, French mystic, c.1605-d.1691

24. Pythagoras, Trainer of Souls, 6th cent. BC

25. James ‘the Great’, apostle and martyr, d.44 AD

      Thomas à Kempis (Thomas Hemerken), ascetical writer, c.1380-25/7/1471

      Samuel Taylor Coleridge, poet and thinker, 21/10/1772-25/7/1834

27. Hatshepsut, Egyptian Queen, reigned c.1512-1482 BC

28. Pythais, mother of Pythagoras

      Etienne Vacherot, French Neoplatonist, 29/7/1809-28/7/1897

29. Martha, typifying the active Christian life

30. Euclid, mathematician and Platonist, fl.c.325-250 BC

31. Zeus (G), Jupiter (R), Demiurgic Mind

      Sanctus Zadkiel, Archangel

      Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuit Order, c.1491?-31/7/1556


"Never suffer sleep to close thine eyelids, after retiring for the night, until 
thou hast examined all thine actions of the day." - Pythagoras



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