Perpetual Festival Calendar


"God saith: The person I hold as a beloved, I am his hearing by which he heareth, I am his sight by which he seeth, and I am his hands by which he 
and I am his feet by which he walketh." - Sayings of Muhammad


1. Lord Buddha, c.566-c.486 BC (Long Chronology) or c.448-c.368 BC (Short Chronology)

    Justin Martyr, early Christian apologist, c.100-c.165 AD

2. Abraham, Hebrew patriarch, c.1800 BC?

3. Speusippus, successor of Plato, c.407-339 BC

4. Marinus, Neoplatonist, disciple and successor of Proclus, fl.c.485 AD

5. Vasubandhu, Mahayana Buddhist philosopher, 4th/5th cent. AD

6. Onomacritus, Orphist in the Hermetic Succession, b.between 560 and 557 BC?

7. Mithras, Aspect of the Sovereign Sun

8. Muhammad, founder of Islam, 570-8/6/632 AD

9. Vestalia, Roman Festival in honour of Vesta

    Santideva, Mahayana Buddhist philosopher and writer, 8th cent. AD

    Jeanne Marie Guyon, French Quietist, 13/4/1648-9/6/1717

    Columba, abbot of Iona and missionary, c.521-9/6/597 AD

10. Alexander the Great, 356-10/6/323 BC

11. Barnabas, apostle and martyr, d.61 AD?

     Roger Bacon, Hermetist, c.1214-1292

12. Hermes (G), Divine Messenger and Conductor of Souls

13. Unconquerable Jove (R)

14. Day of Meditation on the Salvation of all Beings

15. Sallustius, ‘The Elegant’, Platonist, fl.4th cent. AD

16. Johannes Tauler, German mystic, c.1300-16/6/1361

17. Orpheus, teacher and founder of the Orphic Mysteries

18. Sasvata, Veda-vyasa, compiler of the Vedas

     Elizabeth of Schoenau, Benedictine mystic, 1129-18/6/1164

20. Isidorus of Alexandria, Neoplatonist, successor of Marinus, fl.c.490 AD

21. Summer Solstice

     Sun enters Cancer  (Corresponding Labour of Hercules)

     Greek New Year's Day (approximate date)

22. Asanga, Mahayana Buddhist, brother of Vasubandhu, 4th/5th cent. AD

     Sir Thomas More, martyr, 7/2/1477/8-6/7/1535

23. Enoch, Patriarch

24. Egyptian Festival of the Burning Lamps at Sais

     Druidic Festival of Fire

     John the Baptist, forerunner of Jesus Christ, fl.c.27 AD

25. Ptahhotep, Egyptian philosopher, fl.2400 BC

     Zamolxis, predecessor of Abaris

26. Julian, Roman emperor and Neoplatonist, 332- 26/6/363 AD

     George Gemistos Plethon, Platonist, c.1355-26/6/1452

     Ralph Cudworth, Cambridge Platonist, 1617-26/6/1688  (Calendar Note)

27. Avicenna (Abu 'Ali Husayn ibn Sina), Muslim philosopher, 980-1037

29. Peter (d.64 AD?) and Paul (d.c.62-65 AD?), apostles

30. Sariputra, one of the principal disciples of Buddha

     Padmasambhava, Buddhist missionary to Tibet, 8th cent. AD

     Ramon Llull, Hermetist, c.1233-c.1315


"Lord of the East and West, no God is there but He! Take Him for thy protection…Who hath a better religion than he who resigneth himself to Allah!" Muhammad



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