Perpetual Festival Calendar



"Ye are My Children; I am your Father; through Me
 ye are released from your sufferings." - Buddha


1. Beltane Day, Druidic and Gaelic Summer Festival 

    Nativity of Lord Buddha, c.566 BC (Long Chronology) or c.448 BC (Short Chronology) 

    The Great World Mother Maia and Leto (G), Aspects of the Hidden Spiritual Mother 

2. Vesak, Theravadin Festival of the Birth, Enlightenment and Passing into Nirvana   of Buddha  

3. Philip and James the Lesser, apostles 

4. Revelation of the Esoteric Doctrine of Buddha to his disciples 

    Benjamin Whichcote, Cambridge Platonist, 4/5/1609-1683 

5. Ananda, beloved disciple of Buddha 

6. The Mysteries of Serapis (E)  (Calendar Note)

    Buddha, named 'Siddhartha' - ‘Fulfilling all things' 

12. Ammonius Saccas, ‘The God-taught’, founder of Neoplatonism, 3rd cent. AD 

    Karl von Eckartshausen, Christian mystic, 28/6/1752-12/5/1803 

13. Caitanya, Vaishnava sage, c.1485-1533 

14. The Finding of Osiris and Rejoicings of Isis (E) 

16. Thales of Miletus, engineer, geometer and astronomer, 6th cent. BC? 

17. Dea Dia, The Great Mother (R) 

18. Apollo, Aspect of the Sovereign Sun (G) 

19. Asvaghosa, Mahayana Buddhist, 2nd cent. AD 

20. Mañjusri, Aspect of the Buddhist Trinity, ‘Supreme Wisdom’ 

21. Sun enters Gemini   (Corresponding Labour of Hercules)

    Tommaso Campanella, Platonic philosopher, 5/9/1568-21/5/1639 

23. Girolamo Savonarola, Italian preacher and reformer, 21/9/1452-23/5/1483 

24. Pentecost, Greek name of the Jewish Festival of Weeks, celebrating the completion of the grain harvest, and Christian Feast celebrating the Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles 

    Hermes Trismegistus,‘Thrice-Greatest’, Father of the Hermetic Wisdom 

25. Lieh Yü-k'au (Lieh-tzu), Taoist philosopher, c.450-c.375 BC 

    Venerable Bede, English ecclesiastical historian, 673-735 AD 

26. The Enlightenment of Buddha under the Bodhi Tree 

27. Augustine,first archbishop of Canterbury, d. between 604 and 609 AD 

28. Solomon, King of Israel, d.c.930 BC 

30. Numenius,Pythagorean Platonist, 2nd cent. AD 

    Jeanne d’Arc, second Patron Saint of France, 6/1/1412-30/5/1431


"Behold now, O Brethren, I exhort you, saying: All component things
are subject to decay and death, but Truth will remain for ever.
 Work out your salvation with diligence." - Last words of Buddha


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