The Fintry Trust

"Stand ye together, assist one another, and strengthen each other’s efforts…"

Each individual has a distinct place and purpose in the world, and as individual human souls we each serve in some measure the ideals of Truth, Goodness and Beauty.

Each soul has a unique relationship with God, and its own path to make.

The Fintry Trust aims to give every assistance to those who are seeking to serve the Ideal in their own way. Its activities are directed entirely towards supporting and strengthening the efforts of every soul in whatever work is undertaken in the world.

The Fintry Trust seeks to promote the study of ideal philosophy. It does this by organising a range of activities of a philosophical and spiritual nature.

It is not the aim of The Fintry Trust to convert or persuade. It co-operates freely with all movements for the upliftment of mankind, and is a rival to none.

At the heart of these activities organised by The Fintry Trust is a graduated system of training in the ancient and universal wisdom, offered under the name of the Universal Order (

This system was developed during the first half of the 20th century to meet the needs of those who seek to understand the unity and coherence behind all religions and philosophies.

Members of The Universal Order take part in graduated study, and meet in local groups and centres throughout the world for discussion and the celebration of simple universal rites.

"Be like unto brothers: one in love, one in holiness, and one in your zeal for the Truth"

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