The Classic of Purity

The Venerable Master said:-

The Supreme Tao is formless, yet It produces and nurtures Heaven and Earth.
The Supreme Tao has no desires, yet by Its power the Sun and Moon revolve in their orbits.
The Supreme Tao is nameless, yet It ever supports all things.
I do not know Its name but for title call It Tao...

When man attains the power to transcend that which changes, abiding in purity and stillness, Heaven and Earth are united in him.

The Soul of man loves purity, but his mind is often rebellious.  The mind of man loves stillness, but his desires draw him into activity.  When a man is constantly able to govern his desires, his mind becomes spontaneously still.  When the mind is unclouded, the Soul is seen to be pure.  Then, with certainty the six desires will cease to be begotten and the three poisons will be eliminated and dissolved.

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The Shrine of Wisdom 1934, reprinted 1980