Perpetual Festival Calendar



"I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and Ending, saith the Lord, 
which was and which is to come, the Almighty."    


 1. Poseidon (G), Neptune (R), Lord of Planetary Spheres and God of the Sea of Generation 

 2. Jan van Ruusbroec, Flemish mystic, 1293-1381 

 3. Cybele (G), Rhea (R), Goddess of Cosmic Life
     Bona Dea, the Good Goddess (R) Francis

     Xavier, Christian missionary, 1506-2/12/1552 

 4. Pallas Athene (G), Minerva (R), Goddess of Wisdom

     Clement of Alexandria, Christo-Neoplatonist, c.150-215 AD

 5. Philolaus, Pythagorean, c.470-c.390 BC

 6. Herodotus, ‘Father of History’ c.484-425 BC

 7. Ambrose, Bishop of Milan, Doctor of the Latin Church, c.339-397 AD,

 8. Mahayana Festival of Buddha’s Enlightenment and Nirvana

 9. Musharref od-din Sa’adi, Persian mystical poet, c.1213-9/12/1291

10. Porphyry, Neoplatonist, disciple of Plotinus, 234-c.305 AD (Calendar Note)

12. Averroes (Ibn Rushd), Arabian Neoplatonist, 1126-1198

      Robert Browning, English poet, 7/5/1812-12/12/1889

13. Demeter (G), Ceres (R), Aspect of the World Mother

14. John of the Cross, Spanish mystic, 1542-14/12/1591

     Jacques de Fraissinet, marquis d'Izarn de Valady, French Neoplatonist, disciple of 
     Thomas Taylor, 1766-1793

15. Abaris, legendary devotee of Apollo, 6th cent. BC

16. Tsong-Khapa, Tibetan mystic, reorganizer of Eastern School of ‘Yellow Caps’, 1357-1419

17. Cronus (G), Saturn (R), Father of Zeus

      Saturnalia (until 21st) Roman Festival in memory of the Golden Age

      Jalal al-Din Rumi, Sufi poet and mystic, 30/9/1207-17/12/1273

18. Abu Hamid Muhammad al Ghazzali, Arabian Neoplatonist, d.1111

19. Origen, Christo-Platonist, c.185-254 AD

20. Quetzalcóatl, ‘The Plumed Serpent’, Aztec deity, bestower of the arts and civilization

      Dies Juvenalis, part of the Roman Festival of the Saturnalia

21. Winter Festival and Solstice

      Sun enters Capricorn   (Corresponding Labour of Hercules)

22. Rahula, son and disciple of Buddha

23. Plutarch, Neoplatonist and biographer, before 50-after 120 AD

24. Christmas Eve

25. Mystical Birth of the Sovereign Sun. Mithras, the Invincible

      Christmas. Nativity of Jesus Christ

      Horus (E), the Reborn Osiris

26. Sanctus Oriphiel, Archangel

27. John, apostle and evangelist

      Trithemius, Abbot of Sponheim, Hermetist, 1462-1516

28. Miguel de Molinos, Spanish mystic and spiritual director, 1628-28/12/(?)1696

29. Julian of Norwich, English mystic, 1342-after 1416

30. Jan Baptista van Helmont, Hermetist, 12/1/1580-30/12/1644

31. Hestia (G), Vesta (R), ‘The Mystical Hearth of the Cosmos’

      New Year’s Eve, Hogmanay


"Do with thy might what thou doest; labour faithfully in My vineyard; 
I will be thy recompense." - Thomas à Kempis
(Imitation of Christ)



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