Perpetual Festival Calendar



"My Light is hidden under all that shines, saith the All-Knowing Lord."

                                                                                                                          - Zoroaster


1. Thomas Taylor, the English Platonist, 15/5/1758-1/11/1835

    All Saints’ Day

    Samhain, ‘Peace Fire’ of the Druids

2. All Souls’ Day

3. Pherecydes of Syros, Orphist, teacher of Pythagoras, fl.544 BC

4. Joseph Glanvill, divine, 1636-4/11/1680 

6. The Alvars, twelve Vaishnava saints and poets, 6th-9th cent. AD

7. Plato, the Master Philosopher and Father of European Mysticism, 427-347 BC Traditional
     Festival of the Neoplatonists

8. John Scotus Erigena, Christian philosopher, c.810-c.877 AD

9. Mawlana Nur al-Din 'Abd al-Rahman Jami, Sufi mystical poet, 7/11/1414-9/11/1492 

10. Hermeias, Neoplatonist, 5th cent. AD

      Leo 'the Great', Pope,d.461 AD

11. Chu Hsi, Chinese philosopher, 1130-1200 AD

12. Publius Nigidius Figulus, early Neopythagorean, fl.58 BC (Calendar Note)

13. Dismemberment of Osiris, Lamentations of Isis (E)

14. Lamentations of Isis, second day

15. Bodhidharma, took the Eastern Succession to China, c.5th cent. AD

      Albertus Magnus, Christian philosopher and theologian, 1200-1280

16. Xenophanes, founder of the Eleatic School, c.580-after 478 BC

      Gertrude the Great, German mystic, 1256-c.1302

17. Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, philosopher, 24/2/1463-17/11/1494

      Jacob Boehme, mystic, 1575-17/11/1624

19. Bessarion, Christo-Neoplatonist, of the Order of St Basil, 1403-19/11/1472

20. Vettius Agonius Praetextatus, c.320-384 AD, and his wife Paulina (R), model
      priest and priestess

22. Artemis (G), Diana (R), Goddess of Nature

      Sun enters Sagittarius (Corresponding Labour of Hercules)

      Cecilia, patron saint of music and of the blind, 2nd or 3rd cent. BC

23. Xenocrates, Platonic Successor, c.396-314 BC

28. Shinran Shonin, co-founder of the Buddhist Jodo (Pure Land) School, 1173-1262

29. Sossianus Hierocles, apologist for the old religion, fl.3rd-4th cent. AD

30. Andrew, apostle, Patron Saint of Scotland


"By long familiarity and a life in conformity with the Divine, a Light, as from a fire, 
is on a sudden enkindled in the soul, and there itself nourishes itself."     - Plato


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