Sacred Mythoi


In the legends and mythoi of all nations there appear great characters, heroes, demigods and immortals, who stand out for all mortals to behold as the personification of sublime ideals, profound truths and grand purposes.

Howsoever diverse, they yet have some element in common, because all are aspects of that supreme archetype of humanity, who, in a mysterious manner such as only a myth could portray, is at once human and divine.

The mythos of Prometheus repeats this mystery of the divine incarnation.

He, and his brother Epimetheus, were sons of one of the Titans, the offspring of Uranus and Gaia.

The youngest of the Titans, Cronus (or Saturn), eventually sat in the throne of his father Uranus, and his reign was the blissful Golden Age, - the Saturnalia of the First Race of men.

Rhea, the spouse of Cronus, brought forth a mighty babe and called his name Zeus. In due time the sceptre of Cronus passed into the hands of Zeus, who became King of the Gods. In the struggle with the Titans, Prometheus, because of his wisdom and fore-knowledge, was the chosen counsellor and companion of Zeus.

By his advice Zeus hurled the Titans into Tartarus. But Prometheus, who possessed something of the spirit of the Titans, was not wholly in sympathy with Zeus, and when, in the Silver Age, which succeeded the golden, the Second Race of men began to do evil in the sight of Zeus, so that he would fain destroy them, it was Prometheus who took up their cause. It was Prometheus, too, when this race of men had passed away, who created the Third Race of men out of moist red clay, and breathed into them the Breath of Life.

These men of the Bronze Age, as it was called, at first were but witless creatures, and when Prometheus saw their wretchedness he had compassion for them and left Olympus (the Home of the Gods) to take up his abode with mankind in order to teach them.

Under Promethean guidance mankind became cultured and civilized; for, on their behalf, he stole the Fire of Heaven and taught them its use, so that they were able to subdue all irrational creatures and turn them to their service.

This aroused the wrath of Zeu