Perpetual Festival Calendar


I am Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow; I have the power to be born again,"
saith Osiris, "I am He Who knoweth the Heights and Depths."

                                                                                            (Book of the Dead)


1. Henry More, Cambridge Platonist, 1614-1/9/1687

2. The Greater Eleusinian Mysteries, first day

3. Archytas of Tarentum, Pythagorean philosopher and mathematician, fl.c.400-350 BC

    Gregory the Great, Pope, Doctor of the Church, c.540-12/3/604

4. Pindar, lyric poet, 518?-c.438 BC

5. Hillel, Jewish sage and teacher, 1st cent. BC-1st cent. AD (Calendar Note)

6. Nagarjuna, founder of Madhyamaka school of Buddhism, c.150-250 AD

7. Eumolpus, reputed founder of the Eleusinian Mysteries

8. Robert Fludd, Hermetist, 1574-8/9/1637

    Jean François Boissonade, French Platonist, 12/8/1774-8/9/1857

9. Asclepigenia, Neoplatonist, 5th cent. AD

10. Last day of the Greater Eleusinian Mysteries, Day of the Vision of the Shining One

      Michael Psellus, philosopher, historian, theologian and statesman, c.1019-c.1078

11. King and Queen Initiates of Ancient Egypt

13. Dante Alighieri, poet, 1265-13 or 14/3/1321

      John Chrysostom, Bishop of Constantinople, Doctor of the Church, c.347-407 AD

14. Festival of Thoth (E), the Logos

      Holy Cross Day

15. Catherine of Genoa, Italian mystic, 1447-15/9/1510

17. Hildegarde of Bingen, German mystic, 1098-1179

18. Anaxagoras, philosopher, c.500-428 BC

20. Virgil, Roman poet, 15/10/70-20/9/19 BC

21. Matthew, apostle and evangelist

23. Autumn Festival and Equinox

      Karpo (G), Goddess of Autumn 

      Sun enters Libra (Corresponding Labour of Hercules)

24. Paracelsus (Theophrast Bombast von Hohenheim), Hermetist, 1493-24/9/1541

26. Day of Duties to home, parents and State

      Eusebius, Bishop of Caesarea, 'Father of Church History', c.260-c.340 AD

28. Ptah (E), Divine Creative Fire

      Angelo Poliziano, Florentine Neoplatonist, 14/7/1454-28 or 29/9/1494

29. Archons and Archangels

      Michaelmas, Sanctus Michael, Archangel and All Angels

      Sanctus Raphael, Archangel, the Healer

      Richard Rolle, English hermit and mystic, c.1300-1349

30. Jewish Day of Atonement (celebrated on the 10th day of the month Tishri).

      Euripides, Greek tragic playwright, c.480-407/6 BC

      Jerome, Biblical scholar, c.345-420 AD


"Expand thyself into the immeasurable Greatness, passing beyond body 
and, transcending time, enter the Eternal."            - Thrice Greatest Thoth


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