Perpetual Festival Calendar



"How silent is TAO, how mysteriously hidden, yet how sought for! 
TAO doeth all things, yet appeareth to do nothing, no sound is heard."
                                                                         - Lao Tsze


1. David, Patron Saint of Wales, d.c.601 AD

    Moses, founder and lawgiver of Israel, c.13th cent. BC

2. John Wesley, founder of the Methodist movement, 28/6/1703-2/3/1791

    Thomas More Johnson, American Neoplatonist, 30/3/1851-2/3/1919

4. Aneirin, Welsh bard, 6th cent. AD

5. Socrates, Divine Teacher, 469-399 BC

7. Empedocles, Pythagorean, c.492-432 BC

    Antoninus Pius, Roman emperor, 86-7/3/161 AD

8. Tulsidas, Hindu mystical poet, 1532-1623   (Calendar Note)

9. Mothers of the World Teachers

10. Apollonius of Tyana, Neo-Pythagorean, fl.1st cent. AD

      Mourning for the Slain Tammuz, Dionysus, Adonis and Attis

12. Hypatia, martyr to the Ancient Wisdom, c.375-415 AD (Calendar Note)

13. Diotima, teacher of Socrates, c.440 BC

14. Abu-l-Qasim Mansur Firdawsi, Sufi mystical poet, 940-1020

17. Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperor, 121-17/3/180 AD

      Patrick,Patron Saint of Ireland, 5th cent. AD

     Gertrude, German mystic, 626-659 AD

19. Mencius (Meng-Tzu), disciple of Confucius, c.391-c.308 BC

20. Mystical Death or Aphanismos of the Christos

    Ovid,Roman poet, 43 BC-17 AD

21. Spring Festival, the Vernal Equinox

     Eostre, Goddess of Spring and Dawn

    Sri Ushas,Hindu Goddess of the Dawn

    Sun enters Aries     (Corresponding Labour of Hercules)

22. Avicebron (ibn Gabirol), Spanish Jewish poet and philosopher, c.1020-c.1057

     Nicolas Flamel, Hermetist,1330-22/3/1418

     Johann Wolfgang Goethe, German writer, 28/8/1749-22/3/1832

23. Aqiba, Jewish scholar and martyr, c.50-135 AD

24. Sanctus Gabriel,Archangel

     Lao Tsze, founder of Taoism, b.604 BC

     Sir Edwin Arnold, poet, author of ‘The Light of Asia’, 10/6/1832-24/3/1904

25. Our Sovereign Lady, Isis

     Lady Day, Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

     Resurrection of Tammuz, Dionysus, Adonis and Attis

26. Walt Whitman, American poet and mystic, 31/5/1819-26/3/1892

27. Johannes Eckhart (Meister Eckhart), German mystic, c.1260-c.1328

28. Abu Yusuf Ya‘kub b. Ishak al Kindi, Arabian Neoplatonist, 8th-9th cent. AD

29. Menes, legendary first king of unified Egypt, fl.c.3100 BC

31. David, King of Israel and Judah, Psalmist, d.c.970 BC?


"He who makes, unmakes; he who grasps, lets go. That is why
 the self-controlled man by Inner Life can make and by Inner Life unmake,
 by Inner Life grasp and by Inner Life let go." - Lao Tsze


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