Yin Fu King


"To observe the Tao of Heaven and conform to the mode of its operation is the term of all human achievement."

The word Tao has various significations.  It has been named "The Supreme Paradox", "The Infinite Truth which can never be uttered", "The Ultimate to which all things conduct us".

In the Yin Fu King Tao is considered in Its aspect as the Way of Heaven, the Law, the Divine Providence and Inexhaustible Store, the Infinite Source of all that is.

One of the most sublime objects of human thought is the solution of the apparent contradictions of the operations of Tao, and the resolving in some measure of the mysteries of manifestation.

To observe the Tao of Heaven requires an exalted enlightenment.  To conform to the mode of Its operations demands obedience to the Law of Tao.

Since man is a child of Heaven and Earth, essentially endowed with prefect principles, all men, without exception, may ultimately attain the term of all human achievement: Perfective-union with Tao.


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The Shrine of Wisdom 1941, Second Edition 1960